Disability Insurance

What is Mortgage Disability Insurance?

If you are hospitalized following an injury or accident, how long will your family be able to make the payment on your home? Mortgage disability coverage can provide you with monthly income for your house payment and other expenses if you are disabled and unable to work.

Why is Mortgage Disability Insurance so important?

Accidents happen, so the saying goes. But when they happen to you, you could risk losing your home.

Nearly half of all foreclosures in America occur because a homeowner becomes disabled, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. What's more, a recent government report reveals that one in five individuals will suffer a long-term disability before they are 65. Putting a mortgage protection plan in place can protect your family against the financial devastation of an illness or injury by providing the much-needed funds for your monthly house payment, even if you are unable to work.

With mortgage disability insurance, you can focus on getting better, not on paying the bills. If you are a homeowner, simply complete the form and request a free quote. You will receive personalized attention from one our highly skilled mortgage protection specialists to determine whether you qualify for mortgage disability insurance and find a plan that fits your needs.


Death isn’t the only thing that threatens a household. Disability can just as easily cripple a family’s ability to make mortgage payments.